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Traci H.
Chiropractic Assistant
“Your upper cervical work is precise and direct, and I have seen profound results of that innate technique. Having been adjusted by many, many doctors in my life, I know a sure hand when one contacts me, and yours is a sure and true hand.”
Doris W.
Satisfied Patient

“I was involved in a car accident. I was hit by a vehicle which had run a red light as I was in the process of going through an intersection and suffered a side whiplash and concussion. I began to experience severe headaches, numbness and tingling in my fingers and lack of coordination. I did not want to take the drugs (prescription) as I needed to continue to work and have a clear mind, which the drugs would not allow me to have.

William G. Henry, D.C. made me immediately feel very comfortable. He explained in great detail why it is so important to see a chiropractor, what subluxation means and how the back affects the organs of our body and our health. Above all, he was very compassionate and gentle in his treatment. Since the treatments my headaches are very few and far between, my coordination has greatly improved and I no longer experience the numbness in my fingers and I am feeling GREAT!!!!!”

Wayne T.
Happy Husband and Father
“I would be upset if we had to stop regular chiropractic care. My wife and children go. I totally believe Chiropractic helps my wife’s cerebral palsy – she says her eyesight is better recently. I highly recommend Dr. Bill.”
Sevin N.
US Marine, Age 23
“People really get the wrong impression about chiropractic. They think they have to come in and get a back massage and be there for an hour. I just tell them to go in and get adjusted. It’s not a big hassle. Until they get it done they don’t understand how much better they can feel, even if there is nothing wrong with them. They get so used to being “wrong” they don’t know what’s right. Chiropractic is great!”
Brian Joseph T.
Student, Age 7
“I think chiropractors are really smart how to fix people up. You need to come to my chiropractors cause they’re the best. They check your back and see if you’re out of adjustment, that means you’re not clear. It won’t hurt.”
John H.
Satisfied Patient
“Life was very difficult as the pain never went away and trying to sleep was the worst. On my first visit, the pain left my groin and every visit after that it was getting better and better. I did not have such relief in years. I’m so happy I found such a wonderful chiropractor (Dr. Barbara).”
John B.
Satisfied Patient

“I was looking for the best chiropractic help I could find for myself and my family. It took me two years of searching and finally I found a home at In Touch Chiropractic.”

Garth W.
Actively Retired, Age 75
“Both my girlfriend, Amy who is 81, and I have been seeing Dr. Henry for a year now and we feel confident in the care that he has given us has really improved our overall health as well as how we generally feel. I say “feel” because he keeps telling us having no nerve pressure is more important to our health than how we feel, but at 75 and 81, how we feel is pretty important to us – and we feel better, Dr. Henry.”
Art S.
Satisfied Patient
“I had symptoms of passing out and Doctors talking of the possibility of a pacemaker. Since receiving chiropractic care, I have returned to a normal lifestyle –biking, hiking, and scuba diving. Thanks to In Touch Chiropractic.”
Margery M.
Satisfied Patient
“Dr. Henry is a truly wonderful person and he helped to get me out of my depression, aches, pains and even helped my panic attacks. I am still having some problems but I realize that after 25 years of being so heavily drugged (medications) and afraid to do anything, that it is going to take some time. I have new hope because he inspired me to do better and I wanted to show him that I could do it. He is very down to earth, has a charming personality, and has always answered all of my questions. Dr. Henry says he admires my courage for not taking any drugs and wanting to change my life and that my story is important for others to read, that it might help someone else to give up drugs and get adjusted so that they might heal.”
The B. Family (Paul, Sharon, Jeanette & Jennifer)
Satisfied Patients
“It is amazing how you can learn to live with pain and not realize how much it is affecting your life. So here we are after six months of visits FEELING SO MUCH BETTER! And now we physically, mentally, and emotionally realize that none of us really need to live with pain and neither do we have to drug ourselves either. Thank you for your help, smiles, kindness and good jokes.”
The Fleckensteins
Satisfied Patients
“My husband and myself have been seeing Doctor William Henry for almost a year. Dr. Henry is also very pleasant and happy at all times. He is a pleasure to see, because if you are in a bad mood before you know it, he will have you laughing and that is a medicine in itself.”
Tuan D.
Computer Programmer

“I respect Dr. Henry very much because he not only takes care of my pain but also cares about my health. I learned about diets, the spine and the spinal nerves, mental attitude and how all these affect my health. Dr Henry is also very caring and friendly. He takes time to explain what he thinks are the changes that my body is undergoing when I ask him about these things. My wife is also under Dr. Henry’s care and she is also seeing improvements like I did.

In the Bible, it is said that a good tree shall bear good fruits and a bad tree shall bear bad fruits. You will see that there are only good fruits in Dr. Henry’s work. There are good medical doctors and bad medical doctors. Likewise, there are good chiropractors and bad chiropractors. Finding a good medical doctor and a good chiropractor is like finding a treasure. It is your health and it is your choice. I know I have made the right choice.

Marcella C.
Massage Therapist and Black Belt
“My lower back-pain left me with limited mobility in my lower back and hips when doing my forms (taekwondo). When I got up in the A.M. I would hold onto walls until I could get my back straight. I don’t hold onto walls anymore, I don’t get as tired as I used to (or as fast). I feel better than I have in years. I kick higher and harder in taekwondo.”
Brenda K.
Satisfied Patient
“After only a few weeks of treatment the pain in my head and neck are gone at this time. It is easier to deal with life’s other stress when the physical pain is relieved.”
Wanda C.
Satisfied Patient
“I had constant pressure in neck with migraines and problems with balance. I find that I now have more energy. I do not have pressure in my neck and the migraines have disappeared. I can turn my head. I have balance when walking.”
Claire C.
Satisfied Patient
“My daughter chronically repeated ear infections for four years; every month in past year. No infections in two months so far.”
Frances T.
Satisfied Patient
“My health improved tremendously after being in touch with In Touch Chiropractic care. Thanks to Dr. Bill and Dr. Barbara.”