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Meet Our Team

Dr. William G. Henry, M.A., D.C.


Dr. Bill is a very lucky man for he is living his boyhood dream.

He knew early in life that he had something very special to do with his hands and that it would be of service to people. Later, he discovered the most incredible profession called chiropractic. In the meantime, he spent 12 years as a public school teacher and then 10 years in business for himself as a real estate educator and broker. It was during his successful teaching career, especially while doing his Master’s study in physical education, that his vision of becoming a chiropractor became clear. The more he learned about the human body, the more fascinated he was with the incredible wisdom and natural healing ability in this creation.

This interest led him into further study on his own while he was waiting for the right time in his life to enter chiropractic college. He became an instructor and practitioner in Touch for Health while in the real estate business and, in addition to having a private practice, also worked in conjunction with several local chiropractors.

Dr. Barbara P. Sanoudis, B.S., D.C.


Dr. Barbara had always dreamed of being a doctor and helping people.

Dr. Barbara also spent the first few years of her professional career as a high school teacher. She is a gifted artist and shared her insight and talents with students as an art and science instructor. Being a person of service, action, and adventure, her search for her life work had already lead her through several years as an Emergency Medical Technician, National Park Ranger, and even a recruit at the state police academy. As an experienced traveler, she had spent many summers in her family’s home village in Greece.

In her early twenties, she met an interesting young man who also happened to be in service as a chiropractor. The ideas he was sharing about life and health made sense to her and she realized that she was doing all of those healthy practices with one exception; she was not getting her spine checked for vertebral subluxations and getting adjusted. In a very short time, all of that changed and Dr. Barbara had a new course set for her life. She decided to find a good chiropractic college which would also provide her with new life experiences as well, she chose California, and the rest is history.