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Wine and Chocolate

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At 118 years old, Sister André now holds three longevity titles. She is the oldest Covid survivor, oldest living nun, and the oldest living person in the world. Interestingly enough, the oldest person ever recorded was also French. Jeanne Louise Calment lived to be 122 years and 164 days old. In true French fashion, both super centenarians spent their lives enjoying daily passions. Both wine and chocolate were part of Jeanne’s life and continue to be a part of Sister André’s 100 Year Lifestyle. That’s 100:100, living at 100% for 100 years or longer, the French way!

After the passing of Japan’s Kane Tanaka on 19 April, a 118-year-old French nun was named the oldest living person in the world after Lucile Randon, who is known as Sister André, was born on February 11, 1904. She lives is France and is now officially the the oldest person alive at 118 years, according to Guinness World Records.

Can you guess what Sister André’s goal is in life? Keep reading to find out.


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